Published: January 2022

This whole 'supply chain crisis' is just yet another orchestrated Hegelian dialectical move on the part of the Davos cabal - there IS going to be a switch from human workers/drivers to bots at ports and unmanned auto-trucks - it's just a question of how soon?

You're looking at the 4D chess of the Great Reset.


It's literally written into the agenda (You've only got to read Klaus' own words) - they are taking the 'narrow window of opportunity' afforded by the chaos of the p(l)andemic to force-quit the old paradigm and boot into the 'new (transhumanist, technofascist, centrally administrated) normal'.

-now, wether or not they released a bioweapon to precipitate a global wealth transfer via a mandated pharmaceutical take-over is a moot point at this juncture - the wealth transfer is a now a done deal, the controlled demolition of the middle-class is in its final stages and all-but assured..


.. unless this here pushback is the start of the revolution - and the revolution succeeds (I highly doubt either 'cos I don't think we have the numbers 'awake' to the 'conspiracy' - and boy, if you think there isn't a conspiracy.. just wait until you wake up and see it! - it's literally awesome, but not in a good way)

Personally, I'm viewing this burgeoning resistance movement as a turning of the host on the parasite (antibodies dealing with the real virus, if you like - look at those trucks streaming up the highway to the infection site like T-cells racing up a vein), and a much grander epic scheme than simply opposing one mandate.

“But it's playing right into their hands”.

So what..?

Seriously, what else are we gonna do? We HAVE to fight.

Centralised full-spectrum control, via 360° surveillance, via implanted digital ID (think that isn't coming..? Lol!) on the IoB grid, administered by self-appointed, unaccountable, un-accostable pedo elites and 'experts' - will be hell on earth - marketed as a shiny utopia ( you really think 'they' will own nothing and be happy?)


we HAVE to fight..


The only other option is lying down and taking it.. (or actually bending over and spreading our cheeks the way the kool-aid kult do)