Published: November 2021

1. The idea of MANDATING a fucking EXPERIMENTAL GENETIC therapy on OTHER people's bodies because YOU are scared is the most ridiculous, unhinged and heinous thing I've EVER heard of.

2. You people are INSANE.

3. There are MANY reasons I won't be having that shit inside my body but the final one is, I don't WANT it.

- I have MY reasons.

- That IS enough.

- Do YOU understand??

Even IF it had ACTUALLY been tested AND proven 100% to work and be 100% harmless AND I could GUARANTEE that what was in the needle was ACTUALLY the same shit that had been tested - it’s still a NO.

I wouldn't force YOU to change your biology - if you think you're presuming to be in ANY kind of authority to DEMAND that I change my BIOLOGY for YOU, I refer you to point 2.

My opinion about it is not the same as the opinion of someone who has lost their connection with the divine.

No amount of coercion is going to make it the same.