Published: December 2021“Come on man, they are not going to microchip everyone.. Lol!”

For the people at the back that are still in the dark (by design of course.. it's not your fault): Full-spectrum citizen surveillance has been a goal of the elites for centuries. Their impediment thus far has been the lack of appropriate technology for its implementation (which they now finally have - you can hear the giddy excitement in their voices).

It's true they won't be using microchips - the tech is much more refined now: think graphene hydroxide nanotech - look at this from 2010:

(click image to see original paper)

..they are not going to ask if they can put it in you, they will simply release a virus in order to mandate a 'health' injection - and get it in the kids early.

(yes, websites like the one linked look like dodgy sources [they are meant just as jumping off points for your own research/thinking] - that's because the financial and controlling interests behind the plan are engaged in narrative damage limitation and the censorship of critical media has been off the charts these last 2 years and is increasing by the day so there are few outposts of dissent left.)

It’s called id2020 not because it was scheduled to come out in 2020 (it wasn’t - it didn’t) but because it will afford the controllers 2020 vision of - and into - anyone dumb enough to submit to it. everything.. once it’s in you, you are owned. (by someone you’ll never see, let alone meet....) your flesh sack will be connected to the the internet of bodies on the 5g ()6g, 7g..) grid and there's NO getting this stuff out of you once it's in you.

Am I crackpot "conspiracy theorist" for believing that powerful 'groups' determine the course of human culture? No. If you do a little digging, some critical thinking and join some dollars dots, you'll see it for yourself.

Of course the shiny new egalitarian utopia will be 'sold' on the lie of 'public health' (how we can 'save lives' :D) - don't be naive, Digital ID and the CBDC roll-out have exactly as much to do with saving lives as a recent round of enforced mRNA injections had.

Good luck down the rabbit hole - take some sandwiches :D