Published: October 2020

Let me ask you something.


Do 'Facebook' etc. etc. [insert personal-data mining/tracking protocol that's been active for more than a decade (Google)] already have ALL your data?

All your likes/dislikes, political affiliations, fears/hopes, opinions, everywhere you've been, everything you've bought and all you've said to dear friends and bitter enemies alike for more than 10 years?

- for the sake of argument let's say, 'Yes'.

Do they look at it?

We don't know.

Could they look at it..?

Of course.

In the future, could Klaus, Bill, Justin, Emmanuel (..there's a VERY LONG list of global parasites at the WEF, but it represents a VERY TINY percentage [roughly 0.001%] of the people on this, OUR planet), etc.

or even

Employee-Residential-Sector 66633's Chief Compliance Officer: 'Dr.' Minitrue (I made him up - he's not a real person.. In fact, he's likely a Tesla robot)

- look at your medical records, internet history, social interactions, financial transactions, location data, carbon footprint/fuel usage, frequency of incidence of WRONGTHINK, employment attendance and productivity records etc. etc.?

(All in an instant?).

Of course they will - oops!, I mean, could..

- it's all linked to your Global-Citizen-Unique-Identifier-Code,

which is on your chip,

(which is under your skin).




Could YOU look at theirs?





Wait a minute..!

They haven't even got a chip..!

‘ the fuck is going on..?


Why are they on a yacht?

- with undocumented, bred for purpose, teenage slaves in bikinis??

(though ‘on a yacht’ will more probably be ‘in a posh bunker’, since fucking the weather with geo-engineering was one of the ways they accelerated ‘the transition’)


See what I'm saying?


In the future

your continuing receipt of UBI

(which will be CBDC coupled with implanted ID)

will be entirely contingent upon self-censorship.


Certainly no palpable dissent.


For now perhaps, you’ll still be able, secretly, to harbour anger, regret and your rage toward the yacht people, but you won’t want to express those opinions in the - now strictly digital - social space.

(- that's if your 'behavioural profile' is even sufficient for you to have been granted internet/metaverse access privileges.

- Licence to log on will be administered through the chip only)

Loads of us warned y'all about this - for literally decades.

You're welcome.

to the future.