Published: January 2022

"..holding unacceptable views" < aaaand there it is..

- the language of tyranny.


This is something the Prime Minister of Canada just said in reference to the hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens currently expressing their constitutionally enshrined human rights.

Sovereign autonomy over one's person / the right to work - those good ol' inalienable rights - known in times long past (and in constitutions long breached), as 'Liberty' - but known now - in Canada's corridors of power - as "unacceptable views".

But people of Canada, as you turn to your duty, please remember: Justa Pedeau is not the enemy (let me finish..) not the enemy specifically - he is PART of the enemy CABAL - steadily deployed from Davos HQ over the past 50 years - including: MacronMerkelAhernJohnsonBiden etc. - all foot-soldiers for the agenda, many brought up through the WEF's 'Global Leaders For Tomorrow' programme and recently hustled into premiership in key zones around the globe.

Beating the lockstep drum and whistling the tune of Klaus Schwab whose 'Covid19 - The Great Reset' is the 'Mein Kampf' of our time - they have a global plan (nice of them to check with us..) and they are right now executing that plan.

It's NOT about Cov*d or the NOTccine mandates (though, as tools, they play a huge part and are also the conduits of global control/compliance). It is The (Great??) ResetImplanted Digital IDCBDCAutomationUBI (contingent upon self-censorship of wrongthink - don't be holding any of them "unacceptable views", now..). Internet of Nano Bio ThingsInternet of BodiesFull-spectrum surveillanceTranshumanist technofascism...

Oh, and eugenicsdepopulation and ownership of genomes.

THEY think it's a good thing.. Maybe you do too? - Cool. For the time being at least, you can think what you want (as long as you don't EXPRESS any "unacceptable views" and, by the way, could we see your papers please? - though there won't be any need for that fuss when ALL your data points are linked to your implanted Globally Unique Identifier and your social credit score automatically calibrates the extent of your Central Authority-granted 'liberties' anyway..).

They posit: "You will own nothing and you will be happy" (I'm sure you've all heard this by now). But really, their shared "Build Back Better" means better for the 1% - don't kid yourself.

They WILL own everything - including you - if you survive - and you will NOT be happy.

These Godless lunatics have already murdered most of y'all's grandparents and, "if you TOLERATE this, then your children WILL be next." - What is it now? They're injecting 2yr olds..? Young people dying from heart-attacks? Women experiencing changes in their cycles which could possibly lead to a 'pandemic' of infertility in years to come?

Bright future!

This convoy HAS to be the spark that finally lights the FIRE around the world - God knows the Gilet Jaunes gave it a damn good crack but ultimately were devoured by the exponentially advancing psy-op juggernaut. If we miss this chance (it will likely be the last), we are toast.

But heyyy, don't listen to me.. I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist (domestic terrorist/extremist/anti-vaxxer/plague rat - whatever the latest thing is) who is probably already a ‘listed’ walking dead-man.

I can't help it - It's those damn "unacceptable views".