Published: February 2022

It won't end until we actually divest the super-rich of the power to rule over us by proxy - and that will take a LOT more than just removing Trudeau.


"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"


If this is going to change things - it HAS to become global - all of the oppressed on the same page at the same time working together to dismantle the kleptocrat/oligarch structure wherever it is found.. would LOVE to see it happen but... well, you know..

That said, I did hear today that Aussie, Swedish & Brazilian truckers are mobilising so it's a good start. Maybe we'll do it this time?

Or, even easier - we could all just stop obeying them.

Compliance IS their power. Without it they are just men.

Reckon you could have Klaus in a fight? I reckon you could..
What about Bill? One punch, he's done..
Why the fuck do people obey them? - oh yeah, they’ll pay someone to kill you if you don't.

I'll follow a man if he shows himself to be virtuous and selfless. What I see when I look up the 'pyramid' ain't men like that.


So fuck 'em.


I will never be vaccinated - but soon I will be vindicated.