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Hi! I'm Cherokee, the creator of

The eldest of two Artists living in the south of France. From an early age I knew I wanted to be an Artist.
Largely inspired by my parents artistic styles,
I grew up around Jazz, Art and Opulence on a daily basis.
An intense environment.

A few hours from home, my father would take us on trips to the
Dali Museum in Figueras (Spain), and often introduce us to different types of art, being passionate about it himself.

Later in life, my sister studied art, while I studied French literature and philosophy, and then Law.

While I lost my way for a while, trying to fit in and live up to societies standards, what I didn’t know is that over time my experiences, my desires, everything that I’d observe and overcome, would then influence what I expressed through art and writing.

After leaving high-school, I knew I needed to experience pain.
My intention was to break the outer shell which held me back
from expressing my souls gift. And so I did. I threw myself
into the weirdest, strangest, most painful ego shattering experiences possible, in order to find myself.

After about 10 years of testing, falling, failing, trying, crying,
screaming, experiencing the beautiful agony of life, I emerged.

I’d validated the gifts I came to share, Cherokee.Blog and Golden Lining emerged.