We would like to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Thank everyone who has supported the channel throughout 2021.

We are coming up to our 1st anniversary on YouTube and to have hit 735 Subscribers is mind blowing to be honest, this was only made possible because of anyone who has always positively followed Cherries Red Army, hit those retweets, Likes, comments etc.

Another big mention needs to go out to our Monthly supporting members and anyone who has made one off coffee donations, without doubt you have massively helped Cherries Red Army keep the content to a high standard and being able to deliver live interactive streams. Without these kind donations we 100 per cent could not have done this so Thank you so much.

Finally we are not putting the brakes on at all, as I write this we are already planning our next Match Preview and future videos for the 2nd half of the season.

Have a great new years and we will be back very soon in 2022 as we get right behind the team in our promotion push, hopefully.

Take care, be safe and we will see you soon.

Up the Cherries

Kirk, Steve, Dan, Aaron, Jon and Matt

Cherries Red Army - The AFC Bournemouth YouTube Fan Channel