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Love bringing you all the news, events, photos and videos from Madeira Island.

Hey 👋 I just created this page. You can now buy me a coffee, and help support my blog.☕😊🙏

If You become a member you will receive other benefits, only 10 euros a month, or 100 euros a year. With monthly competition once I reach 15 members.

Thank you.

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Keep up the blog, Luis Jardim 

Thank you. Hope you are staying safe.  Tobi. 

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Jack Herodes
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Thanks for telling us what is happening on Madeira. We have still, after 5 Years living here, a lot to learn about the language, habits and life style We are learning more every day, thanks to you and all other nice and helpful people on Madeira.  Keep on telling us what we have to know. Jack from Sweden and resident on Madeira.

Thanks Jack, so much to see and do on this island. I have been here 15, years this year and I'm still finding different areas, places to go etc. 

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well done Tobi for looking after the dogs here is a donation towards more food for them (unless you need it yourself) I did have a friend once who liked Bonios !😳 😱 

Hi thanks that is great, I am helping a charity on the nirth that doesn't get much help, they are going to open a charity shop soon, with all proceeds going to the animals. I gave given over 300 kg of dog and cat food and treats over the last 2 years, from donations so it's great