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Love bringing you all the news, events, photos and videos from Madeira Island.

Hey 👋 I just created this page. You can now buy me a coffee, and  help support my blog.☕😊🙏

Gill Kelly bought Tobi a coffee.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in for us!! Happy to support you in a little way!!😘 

Sally xx bought Tobi 3 coffees.

Coffee to keep you going until I next you. Xx

John Nichol bought Tobi a coffee.

Just back from Christmas in Funchal. Loved it and love your blog.Thanks.

Hey thanks, hope you had a great time in Madeira. The weather was great. Tobi. 

Wes and Jane bought Tobi 5 coffees.

Thank you for being you and for looking after us to both you and Nelio.

Thank you... ❤️❤️❤️

Antje from Rengsdorf bought Tobi 3 coffees.

I love madeira and your blog brings me a little bit closer to my favourite island

Thank you very much, I'm happy you enjoy my blog. 😊🤗😊