What I’m Working on

You know by now, it’s Nanowrimo month.

I’m writing a novel, in a pen name and it’s also in a new niche for me.

Romance is a big seller, but has loads of strands to it. People like cowboys or aliens or holiday romance or bad boys, and it goes on. 

It’s huge business and I’m in there.

New is exciting, challenging, but brain work, alongside being a creative outlet.

If you are a writer, or even if you’re not, and need to shake it up a bit.

Try something new.

I’m also writing a novel in another niche in my name. 

Busy as!

To keep in the right mood, for each very different project, I use different music and work in different places!


Flash Fiction Collection

Don’t forget you can download a FREE flash fiction collection, or buy one of my books HERE


Still Coaching

Even though I’ve streamlined my business MASSIVELY this year, I still coach 1-2-1.

I’m working with an online mentor to strategise for 2022.

How are you prepping for that new year that’s just around that corner?

Find out about my coaching HERE



I write in Medium, and mostly it’s behind a SMALL paywall. 

Here’s a sneaky link to a story so you can get past the wall for FREE.