You may not be aware how difficult it can be for independent creatives, including writers, to reach their audience.

To get the word out.

Marketing can be time consuming, hours spent away from those precious word counts.

It can be technical, expensive and of course ever changing in this online world.

One tiny way I can help is to share books written by others. 

This week I’m working alongside Jake Lucas. We are sharing each other’s books so more people will see them, and of course if they like the look of it, buy or download it. 

Then read it and review it. Reviews are the golden ticket for promotion of books. 

Flight 802, Jake Lucas

I'm dreaming of a tall Christmas tree lit with fairy lights and family ornaments, which my mother passed down to me. I dream of my children gathered around the tree, sat by the fireplace, opening their presents and checking their stockings. The smell of gingerbread cookies and hot eggnog has permeated throughout the entire house.

My youngest child, Eddie, asks for hot chocolate with extra marshmallows instead, and in the spirit of Christmas, my wife doesn't tell him off as she usually does; but provides him with a creamy hot chocolate. Snow is collecting outside in heaps and a snowflake lightly settles on the window. I admire its tiny little specks and sip my eggnog. I feel at home and smile lovingly at my family. This is it. I try to savor and soak up the warmth and love of home as a distant siren starts to honk. It gets closer and closer until I am forced to open my eyes.

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