So many!!

Greetings that is, and DMs, not birthdays.

Although I guess 60 is a good time to accept I have had quite a few of those too. 

Never have liked them though, I'm like Pooh, everyday is an unbirthday.


I'm now officially in My Year of Creativity and Focus

I will be writing loads of books, embracing my creativity in anyway I fancy, from painting rocks and my usual knitting, to any other arty things that pass my way! 

All three pen names will continue and grow, and there may even be a fourth!! 

Procreate lessons could lead anywhere I let them, fun times.



My second instagram has pivoted (re-focussed) from travel aka a journey, to 'the journey' supporting eco and local artisanal folks, again drop a comment for the link.



My Facebook Group is focussing (year of focus!) as ever on independent creatives. 

I get inspiration and fulfilment from sharing my knowledge and info etc so my newsletters are going to be more frequent and packed with stuff and things to support my online and home working community as they write or create, especially if they wish to move

'Hobby to Passion Project to Business'

Come join us!



I'm still working with you, no big sales pitch here, but if you want to step up in 2022 a month can make all the difference!

Got lost and need to kickstart or restart in a new direction?

That book still not written?

Mindset, motivation, strategy, plan = action taker

No scary sales pressure = Prices on my website!

If you sign up before the end of 2022 it's HALF PRICE!!!


During lockdown I embraced my grey but lost a bit of my umph, as I think we all did, so to kickstart my year I got shaved! 


The cut involves training my parting, if you ever knew that was a thing, fun times.

More tats and piercings in the design stage! 

Thanks to all the Tiktokkers who motivated me!


AND AGAIN huge thanks for those who sent me birthday greets and stuff - SENDING HUGS!