Three times a day I now repeat mantras, it’s a moment of focus in the chaos of words and online worlds. If you struggle with focus, or need to hone your money mindset, give it a go.

I have three reminders set in my phone. They are the only ones I never switch off.

Book Marketing

Sales is not my favourite thing. But I’m getting there. I have the quote on my vision board…

‘If it can’t be seen, it won’t be sold.’

I blame the British reserve. Sales is always portrayed as a sleazy untrustworthy occupation. 

I’ve shifted my mindset to think of marketing as giving value. 

That said I asked someone else to do some marketing for my new book and it was a weight off my shoulders.

It also freed me up to read and write more. My happy place.

The Dark

A new pen name novel is in the planning stage, ready to work on during November when Nanowrimo arrives.

I’m also editing, between writing short stories. They, who ever they are, suggest you put away a completed novel and go back to it later. I’ve done that but left it too long and realised my writer’s voice has changed since my first draft. 

It’s interesting though, getting to know my characters all over again. It’s a really dark book, so it’s a great escape from the everyday. Any dark thoughts get dropped into my character’s heads, it’s fun to see where they take them.

You can buy my published books, dark and otherwise HERE

Do you write?

I had a call with a new writer this week. Starting out on your writer journey can be scary, intimidating and plain overwhelming. It’s also exciting, therapeutic and empowering!

It can enable you to work through feelings and experiences, and shift your perspective. An emotional journey but a valuable one.

I’m convinced of the power of putting pen to paper. It’s why I do my job. I want to share the value of writing with budding creatives. Enable you to embrace and nourish your inner creative.

95% of people want to write a book. They know they have a story to tell. BUT only 5% ever achieve that goal. 

I’ll help you stop procrastinating, learn new skills and discover your voice. Accountability, motivation, information and inspiration.

How amazing will you feel when you beat the odds and finally write your book?

Book a call and start your writer journey.