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You could even craft them into other things, although I can only approve of that if it’s a really old battered book with no other value. OK maybe a cheap and cheerful paperback could be transformed into gift cards or tags. That’s forgivable.

A Shake of The Dice

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This little bundle comprises 10 of my 500 flash fiction short stories. All inspired by a throw of the dice.

Ideal to dip into at lunchtime, coffee breaks or when a big book is too overwhelming.

I've written them to entertain and maybe just make you think. Bringing stories into short flash fiction focus for you.


Damaged - A Jezzabelle Jones Thriller

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Jezzabelle ‘Belle’ Jones, insurance investigator, returns in this dark story of abuse, murder and hidden secrets.

An inferno rages in Morton House Children’s Home. Once the firefighters get the fire under control, they discover bones in the cellar.

They soon realise the bones don’t belong to one fire victim. These are the bones of children buried there over the years.

Belle again works with Mac, a retired firefighter who nows own his own Private Investigator business. 

They put their own lives at risk to find out exactly what happened at Morton House. 

With friends old and new, they must avoid getting distracted by their own demons to make sure they solve the mystery.

Can they discover the truth before more the authorities put more children in danger?

Is glamorous, ambitious Dr Amanda Hughes-Wright involved? 

How is Belle’s old nemesis, the property developer Cridland, involved, if at all? 

Can Belle find out what really happens at Morton House Children's Home and stop more children from going missing?

The second book in the Jezzabelle Jones series, set in Yorkshire, England.


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