Hiya, welcome this place of creators and creativity.

It's one of comfy chairs, loads of books and blankets and smelly candles (fire safety allowing of course.) Gorgeous art by local artists adorns the walls, and the cakes are all homemade and organic.

Christie here, lover of words and exclamation marks!

I’m also a writer, author, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, You Tuber, coach and midlife motivator.

Busy as…

Huge thanks for dropping by, and I’m thrilled to be having a brew with you.

Drinks choice? 

I’m a strong black coffee type, but as that is not advisable for the hourly fix, I’m also a chai tea with nut milk, or Earl Grey with oat milk.

No sugar…ugh…no thanks, sweet enough and all that.

I’m on a mission...

to get people to write their story, be it unicorns, zombies, thrillers or biog. Story is story and every book as important and valid as the next.

Your voice is unique, please use it and get those words down on paper, or on a keyboard so you can pas them on to others. With joy, kindness and down right generosity.

Our history is told by us, so make sure your part in it, is on record.

Thanks again for joining and supporting me!

See you at the virtual tea and coffee shop again soon I hope.

Now go and do something creative...share it with me on social media - don't forget!