Less Clutter

We all have so much clutter, online and elsewhere that I’m taking action to reduce it.

I’m reducing the number of emails and focussing on working 1-2-1, producing content you need and and of course my writing.

Here’s where you can find me, and content made by me to motivate, inform and inspire you to take action…

Midlife Isn’t A Crisis


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Books and Midlife Adventures

You Tube Channel:

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My content is usually posted on Thursday.

Tuesday is podcast day on You Tube.

Blog Posts and FREE Downloads

This won’t change, my content will still be on my website.

Making Space

This is inline with my brand philosophy of making space.


You have two online communities to network, chat and share with.

Kindness is a key element.

The Independent Freedom Creative

The global network of individuals who write or work independently online and on purpose (or want to!)

Midlife Isn’t A Crisis

The global network for optimistic creative mid-lifers.

Independent workers, entrepreneurs, adventurers, planet conscious, forward thinking individuals not limited or defined, by a number.

The Mission…

To champion and nourish creativity, story, empowerment, diversity, education, information, motivation and all with kindness at the centre.

Everyone should write, their voice be heard

I’ve reinvented my life and help other creatives do the same, building their confidence, alongside improving skills in writing, social media, organisation and online business.

Don’t worry, I will provide all the links on my website as usual.

Keep this info somewhere safe, then if you ever want to find me or my community, you’ll have the links.