Durban lightning. 

So, when I moved down from Johannesburg to Umhlanga exactly a week ago, so many people told me that Durban rarely gets a good lightning storm. 

Well, as a welcoming gift, Durban had some fantastic lightning tonight. 

I made my way down to the beach where I had a view of Duban in the distance, and parts of Umhlanga in the foreground. I managed to get my first photo there. 

The storm was rolling in from the distance and started striking closer and closer to me. I wished I had access to higher ground, but what I saw was nothing short of spectacular regardless. There also seemed to be a little bit of a haze in the air which you can see in the photo. The strip of light in the horizon happens to be Durban CBD.

Then the rain came... 

I ran for cover and found myself in the entrance way of the men's bathroom, and looking out over the promenade and towards the ocean. As the storm moved over me, I decided to try and photograph the storm as it made its way over the ocean. That's where I got the second shot.

It was raining hard so you can see the water drops on my lens, but the flashes from the lightning were so powerful that if you zoom in, you'll see that the rain appears frozen as it was picked up from the incredible flashes from heaven. 

These are composites image created from some of the images that I captured respectively, which have then been overlayed to create the single respective images. 

Durban, you have treated me tonight, and you made me feel at home. Thank you. 

What a magnificent country. Truly. 

I am Proudly South African.