My old friend, insomnia, visited me again last night. I decided to get up and take some photos just before sunrise.

I headed down to the lighthouse in Umhlanga Rocks. Winter is definitely on its way in Durban; the air was crisp and cool. A chilly wind was blowing softly over the ocean, bringing with it that salty scent. The sand soft as I walked over the beach, and I could see little swirls in the water pools in between the rocks as little fish made their way about.

The moon had company tonight. Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune all shone brightly next to the waning moon. I managed to take a photo just as the glow of the sun made itself known on the horizon, but you could still see the stars, moon and planets clearly in the night sky.

Then as the sun started lighting up the sky, you could still see the moon doing her slow dance amongst the stars. The Lighthouse stood proud as the sky lit up into a warm fiery glow.

I included three photos of this morning's sunrise. I hope that you like them.

A magnificent way for Freedom Day to start...

The majesty of a beautiful South African sunrise always leaves me in awe. South Africa is incredible in her beauty. Keep looking for the beauty. It's there...

I am Proudly South African.