I decided to continue my exploration of beautiful Durban tonight knowing that it would be the Full Flower Moon Rising.

My exploration took me to a place called The Cube in Berea. What a magnificent view of Durban, as well as the stadium. I stood there in awe as I watched the moon slowly rise above the ocean and over Durban.

The air was cool but calm, and there was a scourge of mosquitoes enjoying a good meal at my expense. All very well worth it to have been able to witness this incredible view.

I've included two photos. The first a closeup of the Moses Mabhida Stadium. This was taken earlier.

As it started getting darker, I took a wide angle of the greater durban area. I loved how the colours kept changing as the day turned into night.

These photos are comprised of multiple separate images respectively, one for the foreground, and one for the moon. The moon as photographed tonight has been superimposed onto the foreground image to show you what I saw, as I saw it. I hope that you like the photos.

What a spectacular evening in one of most beautiful cities in South Africa. South Africa always is just incredible in her beauty, day and night. Keep looking for the beauty and you'll see it, it's everywhere.

I am Proudly South African.