Another day and night of relentless torrential rain. So many parts of KZN flooded again. KZN has had a really hard time this last year.

Today, over the debris covered beach in Umhlanga Rocks, a sign of hope and beauty.

I saw the rainbow and immediately went down to the beach to see what I could capture. I was a little apprehensive as I didn't know what the beaches and roads would look like.

I stood there in the windy drizzle next to the angry and dirty ocean, and the scene I saw before me was both beautiful and so sad.
I am lucky to be safe and sound. So many others are not so lucky, but we are resilient and strong. And, there is always hope.

I have included two photos. Normally I edit out the odd piece of garbage which I may have photographed, but in these photos I have left the garbage and debris in.

South Africa is always filled with beauty, sometimes we need to just look for it over and above what else is happening. Look for the beauty. It's always there.

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the second floods, and with those who are still trying to recover from the first floods.

I am Proudly South African.