Joburg Lightning! This evening I decided to take a drive to Johannesburg and take a few skyline photos. A popular space in Newtown with a rooftop bar and amazing view refused me access to their roof despite me having shot there before, and said that I would have to pre-arrange with their management and pay a fee of around R1000 to access their roof top. So, I took my chances on another building and they happily gave me access to their top floor. My initial plan was to take some sunset photos (which I got), but I was also treated to some lightning! The lightning started in the late afternoon and continued into the evening and this is what I managed to capture. Johannesburg really is the City of Gold, and I found some gold in the opportunity to photograph this image. I love lightning, I love Johannesburg, how blessed and I to have had this opportunity!? I hope that you like it... Sometimes life doesn't allow you to go the route you initially intended on going, but often because you actually benefit from going the "road less travelled". Life reminded me of that this evening, and I'm grateful for the lesson... This is a composite image created from some of the images that I captured which have been overlayed to create a single image. I am Proudly South African.