Happy New Year to everyone. 

I hope that you had a fantastic day. 

This evening I went back to the @blueberryhill_hotel to attempt to photograph a storm which I hoped would come over Johannesburg. 

Sometimes in life you make certain plans, but life happens and things don't go to your plan.

I didn't get the shot I wanted, but the skies were still filled with beauty and energy. I made the best of the situation, and still managed to capture some of the drama over the greater Johannesburg area. 

The first photo shows Johannesburg as well as Northcliff Hill up against the drama of the late afternoon sky. It was quite incredible to witness. 

The second photo shows the little bit of lightning that I managed to capture in the distance. I estimate that the lightning was around 40kms away in the direction of Krugersdorp. It appears small, but I assure you, they were massive strikes if you were close to them. 

The last photo I took just before I left shows the golden glow of Sandton and surrounding areas up against the dramatic stormy clouds. I also captured an airplane trail towards the bottom left of the clouds. 

Things don't always go to plan, but adapt and find what works with the change. Find opportunities regardless of what is presented to you. Choose to flourish despite your situation...

May this year be filled with happiness and prosperity for you and yours. 

I am Proudly South African.