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Hello everybody!

I'm Christophe and it is so nice to meet you!

For those of you that you don't know me, please
allow me to introduce myself.

I'm an Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker/Photographer and Timelapse Photography Specialist based in Greece.

Since 2017 I'm a Global Ambassador of Tokina Lenses and Hoya Filters,
hosting domestic and international Astrophotography, Timelapse and Landscape Photography Workshops each year, sharing my knowledge and experience to everyone participating.

I specialize in Landscape Photography, Timelapse and Astrophotography, as I really love being outdoors into nature.

As a creator I always experiment in my personal projects in both
filmmaking and photography, telling stories without words, describing my emotions through visuals.

I strongly believe that we as creators
have to continue making strong, beautiful and emotional images and and films that will make the viewer feel a little better, especially now where the world is currently upside down due to COVID19 and everyone is struggling to return to its normality.

My next personal documentary project* is about to begin, despite the pandemic restrictions, and any support will be highly appreciated (all my projects are self-produced).

All supporters names will be mentioned in a special section at the film credits.
*More info on the project will be shared privately.

Thank you so much for your support! 
🌟 Keep Looking Up