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I am a fine artist specialising in painting.

I am also the curator of FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING an exhibition of figurative artwork, celebrating the body in art.

I have set up this funding option to assist me as a curator and organiser of a submission free artistic exhibition. Having lost my part time work to the pandemic - this is my only avenue of income.

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Thank you

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Thank you for selecting my work to be a part of a lovely show. Good luck with your next endeavour! 

Solveig Linn
Solveig Linn bought 5 coffees.

Really well curated exhibition with amazing artists! I was curious how this would work online but it felt really close to walking through an actual exhibition. Once allowed again, I hope this exhibition will be shown in person somewhere as well! 

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Loved the exhibition and the catalogue. Some great work and all beautifully presented.

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Thank you for organising and curating this! Such a great idea in these strange times and the exhibition looks amazing!

Thank you so much for your support! Strange times indeed but the arts are adaptable and will always rise from ashes!