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Hi there!

A little about me; I'm a professional dancer and gymnastics coach, wanting to provide fitness classes to all ages and abilities from the comfort of your own home. 

I've created this page so that people can support in anyway they can. I'm currently creating more online content to keep people active while we're all in lock down. If you've enjoyed any of my classes and would like to contribute I'd be really grateful for your support.

Many Thanks x

Gloria Godfrey
Gloria Godfrey bought 3 coffees.

So sorry to miss your last session - I really enjoyed ( and needed) your classes......all the best in your next venture x 

Karen bought 5 coffees.

So sorry you’ve got to go, Beth - will miss your sessions very much - it’s been great - thank you! X

Thank you for all your support Karen! xx

Sue bought 2 coffees.

Good Luck, Beth.  We'll miss your cheery torture!

Haha, Thank You Sue! x

Someone bought 3 coffees.

You’ve been wonderful Beth. Wish I could have been with you more, but various things got in the way. Absolutely appreciate you making this class available you are a star, thanks a million  Karen xx 

Thank you for your very kind words and your endless support Karen xx

Fiona Winderam
Fiona Winderam bought a coffee.

Thanks Beth and lots of luck in you new venture xx

Thank you Fiona! See you again soon x