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☆꧁༒ 𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 ༒꧂☆

♡ Self taught

♡ She/Her

♡ Artist I do Anime style artwork

❥ Hi hi!! Clawdella here! 🌸✨

I’m a self taught freelance artist! I enjoy making Anime style art.

I like to draw cute girls using pastel and bright colors to spread some joy but I don’t mind drawing more cutesy evil characters to be spooky! 

I also design characters from time to time and sell them to loving owners that can spoil them with more art! Show them the love they deserve! 

With your support, I can continue to make what I enjoy and advance more as an artist and support myself, my family, and spoil my little pet! 

You can support me by:

❥ Commissioning me when my commissions are open! 💕

❥ Or just by leaving a like, a comment or anything nice! 💓

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