Buy Clily Artist Space a tea and some paint


In a recent conversation with an artist cousin of mine, we ended up talking about what it means to price artwork and the challenges of that process. And in that conversation he said:

"With art, you're not paying for the time it took to create a specific product. You are paying for what it took to create the Artist."

The art that we create is product of who we are and how we exist in the world. Each creation is a reflection or a sprinkling of our soul. Clily Artist Space is where I enjoy creating, sharing and engaging in artistic experiences. This "BuyMeACoffee" platform is a way to continue supporting the artist of Clily Artist Space on a one-time or ongoing monthly-basis. Click on "Support" to make a one-time contribution and "Membership" to become a monthly supporter. I also intend to use the membership space to open deeper engagement around specific art .