Buy ClusterPunk a beer


Hi there folks, 👋 

As you might not know;,, and all it's Social Media pages are created and managed by me, Mike Hawke. As an apprentice website builder I love to create new web pages as well as I love to share all kind of awesome videos with the rest of the world. I do all of this in the hours before and after my nine to five, five days a week, office job. For fun. For free. For you. For me. ♥

Some people might think some videos are controversial, violant or biased. To them I'd like to say that all of my platforms - now and future initiatives - are not build for people like you. But no hard feelings from my part, we both have the freedom to respectfully ignore one another. 

For the people that do love ClusterPunk and Videokings; you can now buy me a beer! And I hear what you're thinking; 'why should I buy this stranger a beer ffs?' The honest answer is that I really really love to drink a beer from time to time. But next to that it's a way for the people that really enjoy watching my videos to support me. You buying me a beer is just symbolic. But I think that most of your support will eventually be invested in some refreshing pints tbh because I'm updating these platforms - most of the time - in the late hours. 

Anyhow, it would be really awesome if you'd donate a small amount of money to show your support. If not, no problem as well! I'll survive. ☻

Much love to all of you. 
Thanks & take care. 

- Mike Hawke.