Before we introduce ourselves; we would first like to acknowledge you for your service to our country and remind you that your sacrifices were not in vain and are greatly appreciated by those of us that still remember the true price of freedom, is in fact, not actually, “free”.

We are Nick & Brandon from the “Coast 2 Coast Podcast”, and we (along with the rest of our administrative team) would like to invite you to partake in an opportunity to meet with like-minded, Veteran Servicemen and women from within multiple branches of the United States Military Services. Our primary goal is to provide a platform where you, and approximately 3-6 other United States Military Veterans at a time, can come together to discuss your service, swap stories, and essentially provide your listening audience with a real life, in depth look into what it was truly like to serve this country (both abroad and at home) throughout the duration of the contract you held.

Our intention is to provide you with an open forum where your voice can be heard. To act as a safe place where you can be free to discuss your views, opinions, and feelings; without having to worry about the demonstrative nature of immediate censorship or judgement. A place where previously lost connections have the potential to be restored, and a platform to bring forth the seldom conversed, but existentially pivotal awareness, regarding the truths behind your sacrifice; so that the youth of our Country today may come to see, recognize, and better understand the exigencies of the circumstances with which they are enlisting; should the decision of enlistment be their prerogative.

It is our firm belief that far too much time has elapsed within the shadow of fear regarding the ramifications of what, “might happen” should we choose to speak up, speak, out or quite simply just, “tell it how it is” and we do not believe that we, as the American people, should continue to feel as if we are unyieldingly pressured to suppress our God given and Constitutional rights to freely speak our minds; especially when taking into consideration the actions that so many of our Veterans were made to endure while in service to their County.

We would like for this idea to have the ability to transition into an outlet where (should you choose) you could potentially continue to utilize the platform so that you may further those connections we are so positive will inevitably become established throughout these interactions. Rest assured that we will never suggest you share anything you are not comfortable with, and that participation within this project, in part or as a whole, is entirely under your sole discretion.

It is also our intention that each recorded session be made to bring awareness and engagement to one or various designated charitable organizations, and although monetary donations may be requested of the viewing/listening audience once aired; your involvement in the recorded session would not bind you to any potential financial obligation regarding any session recorded in the past, present or future.

If you would like to participate, please use the link below to take you to a form to fill out. There will be this letter, just scroll down to the form!

Sincerest regards,

Nick & Brandon - The Coast 2 Coast Podcast Team

Also, we would like to issue a tee shirt with the Giant Voice logo to every Military guest to participate! Any donation to help us to accomplish this would be appreciated!