Buy Rhys a beer


Hey 👋, my name is Rhys and I am 26, I recently gained interest in discord and then this happened.

I just created a Call Of Duty MW community HUB discord server about two weeks ago. I started from scratch and have put so much work and effort in, I advertise every single day non stop. I have set up/tested/trialed over 20 bots and tried to keep everything as active as can be.

If any one knows what its like doing this then they can vouch for the grind.

My aim is to make this successful, to be number 1, to have a great friendly community were everyone is welcomed, A Home for gamers. I still have a lot to come and I already have 50 channels.

If you appreciate my work, please buy me a beer,🍺 you have no idea how much I would appreciate it.

Please feel free to check out the server with the invite linked below!

Thank you ❤