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👋Thanks for visiting! We use custom code a lot within Webflow to simply give our sites that extra bit of sauce & functionality. After a while of writing, saving and collecting quite a bit of very useful snippets we thought this is something so many people could use in the Webflow community.

It takes time to search for some of these, and not to mention the frustration for those who don't really understand what they're using. We've been there. We get it! Hence the birth of CodeCrumbs.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! We appreciate any help as we continue to grow!

- Graphic Owls & Finsweet

Philippe Hahn
Philippe Hahn bought 3 coffees.

Step by step the websites i design in Webflow respond to the needs of my clients. Thanks to you!

Thanks so much for your support! 👍 

@LallyChris bought 2 coffees.

You've enabled me to build in ways I never thought possible without being a full developer, and I know I'm far from alone. Keep it up CodeCrumbs team! 

That's amazing to hear! Thanks so much for your support! 🙏