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24 year old wiradjuri woman. A Creator, Occultist & Concept artist.

If you like my content, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support! 

This will go towards making prints, zines and more artwork in the future. Currently looking into making prints of my indigenous artwork, and collaboration with other indigenous artists over the year. 

I really appreciate the time taken to look at this page, let alone donating. Do not feel pressured at all to do so. 

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Your work is incredible 

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I love your art. 

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Hello! I am a college student from Montana, USA. A group of us were supposed to come see the Biennale in May. Time will tell if that will actually happen. At least we can see it digitally. We have been researching artists and presenting you all for the class. You are one of the artists that I chose. Your artwork is beautiful and empowering! Keep being awesome!

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