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Please do not make donation until I get issues with PayPal resolved. I am trying to recover all of my documentations, so it would be indefinite until I am able to resolve the issue. I have a lot to do this month, especially with responsibilities and preparation for graduate studies. However, I found ComicFury, and I strongly consider putting my comics up there. I also finished up all thumbnails for Chapter 1, and I did some character design. 

Come and check out my blogs, art, sketches, and concept drawings for comics I am working on!

Instagram for daily sketches:

DeviantArt for completed work:

I also have Patreon for those who prefer to see more behind the stage work (concept art, character sheets, sketches of comics, etc) and pay monthly subscription for $3 ($5 for NSFW contents)

Click on the embed below to visit my website for blog and commentaries

I do not have a lot of content on YouTube channel due to concerns with algorithm and COPPA issue but I may add more in August, but shutting down my channel is not off the table depending on how I perform in next few months.

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