First of all THANK YOU from all of us for contributing to our stream last night and what a brilliant gig it was too ( it's currently pinned to the top of our page if you missed it ).

We're thrilled to be able to announce that we'll be at Barney's in Playa Blanca for as long as we are homeless and that we're also booked in for the next couple of Thursday's at the prestigious Cafe La Ola, all of which we have permission to stream.

We'll do another Drive Through PDC prior to Thursday's gig and we'll log off only to log back on again for the gig. Knowing you're with us is brilliant. Only last night a couple over on holiday told us how much our streams had lightened their lockdown mood and hopefully the streams will continue to provide a free gig direct to your homes for as long as we can. As always, only contribute IF you can, as and when you can.

Lanzarote is still busy, Covid cases are dropping slightly which is great news and we'll keep hold of any gigs we can until such time as we have the right resident gig for us.

Take care, stay safe and stay sane, GxMxEx