First of all the not so great news. Yup, our achilles heel over nearly two years now ( Covid ) has returned with a vengeance albeit seemingly in the guise of a weakened variant. Cases here are climbing fast sadly amid worrying rumours of a UK wide lockdown with both France & Germany banning UK visitors. A few weeks ago we had around 50 cases, now we're over 400 and climbing fast but we can't worry about something we have no influence of changing. With that in mind we'll continue on until we can't.

The streams are always well received and it's lovely to see you all online and read your comments post gig. Talking about the streams, there will be one less this week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. We're off Friday, Christmas Eve and we're booked to play a Sold Out ( for food ) Costa Sal on Christmas Day. If you're over on holiday or local then you are allowed to pop in for a drink or two though so feel free to join us. The 'Drive Through' will remain unchanged on Wednesday after the gig with maybe the odd spontaneous 'Live' feed, as was the case today.

What's been incredible throughout but especially this week are the BuyMeACoffee donations and the staggering tips we've accepted in person, usually with a "Thank you for all you've done" or similar comment. I don't think there's anything more any one of us can add other than a huge thank you for your generosity and wish you all a Happy Christmas!

See you on the streams! GxMxEx