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Happy Yorkshire Day!!!...

Aug 01, 2022

( especially to all our lovely Lancastrians over t'other side o'thill; lol;-) )

It certainly doesn't feel like Yorkshire though, or at least not the one I remember as it's SCORCHIO again! It's the time of the year when you get out of the shower and want to dive straight back in again. Even the tiles are hot!

Ok, just a couple of things this week. the Drive Through didn't happen again because my car gave up or at least the battery did but it's been replaced and the old girl is back on the road which means the Drive Through's will end when she does. On Monday's and Friday's I have double gigs so I'm trying to do the Drive Through's on Thursday's now which was the exact day I had to abandon my car outside the Health Centre in Yaiza ( nothing major, just getting old stuff! ). I'll try and get back in to the groove this Thursday.

The cameras are driving our Marc insane. It's not that they don't work as such, it's that they fail to work despite working fine for ages and there's zero logic to any of it. It's genuinely baffling. He's cut the cameras by one and found a way of having all of us in shot at one time then they crashed again. He thought he'd isolated the camera that was causing the problem, or rather the cable ( mine, who else? ) only to have the same problem again despite days of trouble free streaming. It's very, very frustrating and we can only apologise once again. Marc will keep trying but to sort it out mid gig is virtually impossible.

Talking of equipment breaking, one of the waiters nearly fried yours truly with a whole bottle of Corona smashing to the left of my pedalboard last week. Then a few days later I did exactly the same on the other side!! My troubles didn't stop there as I had no sound at the gig in Costa Teguise and having salvaged something of a sound it failed again mid gig. It was just one of those weeks las week and we'd all just like seven days trouble free in all honesty!

It all makes your presence online all the more valuable to us and we can only thank you all once again, not just for being there once, twice a week or however many times you manage to log on but for the financial contributions from time to time too. They help keep the streams going and as long as you're there then we will be too.

Take care one and all, we'll see you either online or in the flesh this week.


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