For those of you who haven’t tuned in for a while... why?🤷‍♂️😂 It’s riveting stuff y’know, Marmite Sandwich recipes, weekly height jokes and rumours of a potential punch up at our first gig back post Covid!! All that plus a new song this week, requests, shout outs and quite a few songs we either haven’t played for ages or don’t usually play at all.

Please set your alarm clock for 6pm (18:00hrs GMT), put your favourite tipple on ice or if it’s a Vino Tinto then open it, let it breathe and make you’re sat comfortably an hour later ready for us to start. It should be a good one for sure looking at the set list!

Stay safe, stay sane and we’ll see you tomorrow from 7pm🙏🏻😊


P.S. We forgot to post the blog but it’s on the to do list so keep your eyes on the look out.