Hi all,

Well, it's been quite a week. Along with the crappy weather Covid-19 cases are soaring both here, in the UK and in Ireland where the vast majority of our regular viewers are based. We move to stricter measures as from later today and we know that many of you are pretty much housebound which must be very difficult. This virus seems relentless but... so are we and we're NOT beaten yet!

We've had so many beautiful messages regarding the positive effect on people's mental health that our LIVE STREAMS provide that we're going to continue to try and shine some positivity across the World Wide Web for as long as we can. We hit a steady 100 give or take last week which was fabulous.

So set your alarm clocks and please join us from 7pm ( 21:00hrs GMT ) as usual for loads of requests, a couple of birthday shout outs, some great 80's tunes, hopefully fun banter and don't forget the new look which was really well received last week.

See you later today, please take care, stay safe and keep positive.

Thank you for your continued support,

Gazza, Marc & Ernie xxx