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Love Is In The Air...

Jul 24, 2022


Just a quick note before I meet up with Mr Piano to go to our latest Wedding Gig at Cuatro Lunas which is part of the Five Star Luxury Princesa Yaiza Hotel in Playa Blanca. It's definitely one of our favourite locations and it's lovely to be back there. In fact CJ has history there as it was our first gig as a three piece. Hopefully tonight will be as good!

What we will be assured of is sweltering heat as it's been very, very hot lately. Apparently it'll drop next week only to rise again for the weekend. All's good though as we plough on through the summer. PDC is very busy still although the change in tourism is noticeable with plenty of kids around.

Sorry for the recent drop out on the stream. It must be the connection on occasions. Even the owner ( not Geraldine, the other one Joaquin ) was in the DJ booth behind Marc fiddling around trying to fix it. Speaking of the streams we sometimes miss the shout out's and requests etc as we're obviously playing to Cafe la Ola so please make sure you get them in early. As you may or may not know the streams cost us so we still ask for the odd contribution on here. Obviously we totally understand what's going on in the world so if you enjoy the streams then please only give as and when you can. That said, if you were the recent Euro Millions winner then in true Bob Geldof style "GIVE US YER ******* MONEY", lol;-)

The Drive through will more than likely be Thursday from now on as I'm double gigging on Friday with the other band I've recently joined. Sadly there are no PDC gigs for us as yet only Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca with Arrecife Gran Hotel on the horizon. It's been so much playing that I've given myself a bit of tendinitis which is taking an age to heal due to the extra gigs/practice. Hopefully back to 100% soon.

Ok, that's all for this week. There's a few off the CJ page over this week so we'll no doubt see a few friendly faces in Cafe la Ola. Thank you for your continued support as always and take care.


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