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Sep 19, 2020

Concrete Jungle Sunday LIve Streams

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Sep 08, 2022

An update...

Hi,It's been a while. The truth is though nothing much has happened, lol;-). We are just treading water, waiting to hear when and in what capacity we go back to Cafe la Ola. Hopefully there'll be some news on that front soon as two weeks becomes just over a month. As soon as we hear anything we'll post it on our Facebook page. That also includes any other gigs we may have in the meantime. While we're waiting The Big Easy II ( sorry, Spoons;-) ) has stepped in and... more

Aug 08, 2022

A quick update...

Hi,So we're in hibernation for a couple of weeks at least and to be honest we're all comfortable with that. Playing in this heat, mainly to those on the terrace enjoying the view and trying to keep cool, wasn't easy for us. Couple that with the later nights and people being able to enjoy the beach for longer made the Sunset Sessions difficult to justify financially for Cafe la Ola. We understand that, we're not mercenaries and we're all content with giving them a... more

Aug 01, 2022

Happy Yorkshire Day!!!...

( especially to all our lovely Lancastrians over t'other side o'thill; lol;-) )It certainly doesn't feel like Yorkshire though, or at least not the one I remember as it's SCORCHIO again! It's the time of the year when you get out of the shower and want to dive straight back in again. Even the tiles are hot!Ok, just a couple of things this week. the Drive Through didn't happen again because my car gave up or at least the battery did but it's been replaced... more

Jul 24, 2022

Love Is In The Air...

Hi,Just a quick note before I meet up with Mr Piano to go to our latest Wedding Gig at Cuatro Lunas which is part of the Five Star Luxury Princesa Yaiza Hotel in Playa Blanca. It's definitely one of our favourite locations and it's lovely to be back there. In fact CJ has history there as it was our first gig as a three piece. Hopefully tonight will be as good!What we will be assured of is sweltering heat as it's been very, very hot lately. Apparently it'll drop next week... more

Jul 18, 2022

Summer's definitely here!!!..

Hi,It certainly is, phew... it's HOT and currently windy but not quite as hot as it is for you guys back home ( wherever home may be for you ). There's always a point during the summer where the temperature in the UK, Ireland, Germany or where you are right now will be actually hotter than here. It always happens and it's always a bit strange when it does but it doesn't usually last too long;-). I'm fairly confident that normal service will be resumed soon.What has... more

Jul 11, 2022

We're Back!!...

Ok, so we've been back a couple of days last week just to polish off the rustiness.Thank you for your holiday well-wishes and your kind words as always. The streams will be back to normal from today and we were missed by everyone at work ( apart from Marta, lol;-)) so that was lovely to hear. We all needed a little break to be honest and it was lovely to see the lads again and of course to hear them play.What we have returned to is sweltering heat, surprisingly not as bad as the UK... more

Holiday, Drive Through return...
Concrete Jungle Sunday LIve Streams
Calima, Streams, Sunset Sessions & No Drive Through...