Finally we think we know the route we're going to take, at least initially.

Months ago we were contacted by Geraldine McFadden with the offer of a gig in Restaurante La Ola which is directly above Cafe La Ola, the same stunning views and huge potential as a music venue. Until recently this was the BIG NEWS we had as we continued to wait for the venue to be prepared for opening by playing Cafe La Ola. However, we played a Sunset gig last Monday and this set off a chain of ideas with regards to Lanzarote's first late afternoon/pre dinner band gigs. It's something that has been a success with the odd one off band gig and solo acts but never for a band residency as far as we're aware.

That will all change on Tuesday ( we have a Wedding gig tomorrow ) when we will embark on a run of Sunset afternoon gigs. The atmosphere was great last Monday and the idea is not too dissimilar to the Apres Ski gigs in the Alpes. We'll start at 17:00 and finish at 19:00, the promo videos will be online soon and we're hoping that it'll be something different in PDC. Any bookings will still be honoured but we'll be playing earlier rather than during or directly after your meal. It's an innovative idea and we all hope it'll be a huge success!

In other news we'll stream the gigs obviously and there's a change to the Drive Through too which will be a Thursday... although thinking about it it could be any day but after the Sunset Session? Let us know what you think in the comments once the official post goes live. You have supported us throughout so you're the first to know outside those who've been involved in the project. The Sunset Sessions will be something very different for us and we're obviously hoping they'll be very popular.

Lanzarote remains busy, not mobbed as it has been but very busy and Covid remains under tentative control at 61 cases as of yesterday. The volcanic eruption on La Palma has had no repercussions for us and is very unlikely to... finger's crossed!!!

Take care as always, there are quite a few of you who've landed today and wherever you are in the world thank you for your support as always. Enjoy the streams!