Hopefully you'll know that we've added a new day at Cafe la Ola which is obviously great news! The gigs there have been brilliant in the main but there was something special about Thursday in particular, especially 'Fix You' as the finale, which was played to a sea of mobile phone lights. Imagine how Coldplay feel in a stadium full of them? WOW!!!. I don't think I've ever seen the island this busy and with everyone even more eager to party after nearly 18 months locked up it's made for some special atmospheres. We can only hope it'll continue.

We're still closing in on that all important residency and we reckon it'll be weeks now rather than months. Please keep in touch with the Facebook page for imminent news.

We'll probably stream all the gigs again this week although both Marc and I have very sore throats for some reason ( nope, Marc's definitely not got the dreaded 'C' and I doubt if I have it either ) so we'll see how we get on.

Speaking of Covid there were 68 cases on Friday so as long as we can keep it there we can keep open for business.

I'll drive through PDC again on Wednesday this week just to let you see for yourselves how it's all going. It's scorching hot today by the way as I type from Rachel's Cafe in Puerto Calero. Definitely my favourite time of the year! Breakfast has just appeared so I'll sign off now, lol;-)

Take care, stay safe and we'll see you soon,