What a mixed week it's been! We're finally down to Level 2 yet over Easter we'll have stricter controls meaning the gig we had, we can't have;-(. Wednesday's gig was nearly cancelled but then went ahead at the very last minute thanks to a trip up to Marc's and a quick tutorial on the new piece of gear we've bought for the stream. We're just relieved that people enjoyed it in the end. Marc's ok by the way, just a 24hr bug thing. It's possible that the weekend Sunday Lounge from Suzy's Sofa might be in jeopardy but we'll let you know as soon as we do regarding the new restrictions. Other than that life on the island is as you were. Covid cases currently at 83. We're hearing that many have holidays here booked and we can't wait to play for you again. The various wedding companies we work for are predicting a very busy 2022 just so long as the vaccine take up is high and there are no mutations. Finger's crossed.

Once again, thank you from us all for your continued support and we can only hope that the Sunday/Wednesday gigs offer an oasis of music, fun and high spirits to get you through these tough times.

Stay safe, stay sane and see you all manana, GxMxEx