Episode 45

Guest: Andrew Brown, co-founder of the Academy of Business Communications

Watercooler talk has moved online, so the speed and spread of rumours and conspiracy theories is growing every day, and it's not just inter-office gossip. How do such things take root in a work environment and what can organizations do to address them? 

Andrew Brown walks us through the conditions that create fertile ground for rumors, the very human and social reasons behind them, and some real-world stories and advice for how organizations should and should not try to manage rumors in the workplace. 

And while we're looking at an orgaznational context, these insights apply equally to any grouping of humans - a touch football team, a WhatsApp chat group or , with the holidays coming up, a family gathering.

**This interview was originally conducted for another podcast, Digital Signage Done Right. You can listen to it and see a transcript here. You can also listen to an earlier interview with Andrew Brown and his fellow co-founder Elizabeth Williams about employee surveys here.**