Buy Conzay a coffee


18yr old who consumes ludicrous amounts of coffee on the daily

 Hi I'm conzay or to people in real life Connor Chappel, I started using nimses after watching Someordinarygamers/Mudahar make a video on it and was instantly fascinated, so much so that I got to angel status in a little under 4 days and have been pretty active for the couple months I've been registered, I usually only drink 1 large cup of coffee a day and that's usually <$2 gas station coffee, I don't have much to offer except for the two things every nimses user treats like vital sustenance Nims & Shoutouts, I can give ya a week long shoutout or 5k nims for a single coffee, and better rewards if your feeling extra generous.  I'm super thankful to anyone who wants to buy this random ass kid a coffee over the internet a coffee.