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    Please Email Me: about any worries, altercations, questions, concerns, conflicts, queries, inquiries, problems, issues, suspicions, doubts, and general uncertainty. I will do my best to answer your questions, as it pertains to mental well-being, to the best of my ability. Your questions and any information provided will never be shared under any circumstances.


    Donating is entirely optional as your questions will be answered regardless of donations. I check this email everyday either in the afternoon or the evening(EST). If I do not answer your questions in a timely manner, and you know for a fact your question falls under my criteria for answering questions, please be patient as I will answer them when I am able.

    About Me: Hello friends, I've set this up in order to start my career goals. My main goal with this page is to help people with their problems through the use of advice. Whether a person is having issues resolving a conflict or just generally needs someone to vent upon, I'm here to help. My education achievements are at a bachelors level with focuses in psychology and sociology. Due to monetary constraints I've had to put furthering my education on hold. I generally enjoy helping other people through the use of conversation. If I could possibly make someone else's life better then I've made everyone's lives better. I hope that you would give me the opportunity to help through conversation.