Buy CovidSMS a coffee


CovidSMS is a subscription service via text that provides local level information regarding coronavirus to its users.

Just text your zip code to 888-414-5539.

We aim to address the overload of information in our media and lack of local level information available. CovidSMS sends our subscribers daily text messages of updated regulations and statistics of positive cases and deaths for counties near their zip code.  This streamlined, quick method provides information for community members and city officials to make better-informed decisions. 

Each cup of coffee will be providing this service for yourself + 2 other users. Especially since 71% of low-income Americans have a phone while only 54% have a computer and only 56% have home broadband services, your cup of coffee would be helping individuals of all kind, across the nation stay well-informed to make educated decisions. 

Elise Wetzel bought 20 coffees.
Anton Gutierrez bought 2 coffees.

hello! I'm Britney's friend from UC Berkeley :) love seeing creative and innovative stuff like this. Keep going!