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I'm a UK-based writer and blogger on classical music, with a special focus on the piano - the instrument and those who play it, its literature and its practice.

From its founding in 2010, my blog The Cross-Eyed Pianist has grown to become one of the UK's most respected websites on classical music, enjoying a monthly global readership of c25,000.

Described by British concert pianist Peter Donohoe as "an important voice in the piano world", the site is a 'magazine' of articles on the piano - repertoire, practicing, performing and the exigencies of life as a musician - together with other more general articles and "think pieces" on classical music, previews, reviews and interviews with a diverse range of musicians from Rick Wakeman to Angela Hewitt - and many more, both well-established and lesser-known and young artists. 

In addition to my blog, I also write for InterludeHK, a Hong Kong-based classical music site, and have contributed articles to The Schubertian, the journal of the Schubert Institute UK, Classical Music and Pianist magazines, and have appeared on BBC Radio Three's Music Matters programme to discuss the effect of the internet on music criticism and classical music writing today. I've worked as a content creator for classical music streaming service IDAGIO and for six years served as a concert reviewer for 

I'm a pianist myself, with some 35 years of playing experience. I returned to the piano in my late 30s, after a 20-year absence, achieving distinctions in professional performance diplomas in my late 40s.