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Hii 👋 Welcome to Buy Me a Coffee! This is where you can support me financially by either a one off donation, or becoming a member.

About Me

My name is CtrlAltNoob, aka Laura, and I am a video game content creator. I stream on Twitch three to five times a week, I have a regular series on YouTube called Indie Showcase, and I write about games on my blog. I mostly like to do deep dives into games, where I take my time exploring the world, story and getting inspired by the game design.

Any support at all is extremely gratefully received. I decided to give myself the year to see if I could make content creation into a sustainable income. It would be a dream to be able to pursue this full time. Unfortunately, since then I got made redundant loosing my main income, so literally every little helps.

Why 'Buy Me a Coffee'?

Whenever I look at my earnings on Twitch, my goal looks more achievable if I was actually getting what you guys gave. Buy Me a Coffee gives me a much bigger cut than Twitch (95/5 vs 50/50), so it is one way to make sure that I do recieve most of the amount you are spending. Twitch allows you to interact with the stream - with the money you spend going towards emotes and sound alerts - so I have tried to make memberships appealing in other ways, including regular updates, creative previews, sneak peaks and some new ideas more directly related to the games I am playing. You can take a look at the perks lists by clicking on the membership tabs. 

Finally, this is also a way that people could support my YouTube channel, writing content and any other non-monetised work that I do. I can't thank you guys enough for the amount of support I have already recieved and I cant wait to share more content.


Side Note: Any donations will show up as 'LPB Videogr' on your statement as it goes through my freelance account!

Side Note 2: Please be aware that I cannot promise to spend donations on a specific things like a game. All donations and membership money go towards paying my bills. I am able to create specific goals to raise money for specific things, and in that case I would make it clear. Apologies for that.

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