It was a windy and rainy weekend with power losses and lots of rain the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon. 🌞 Lots of little green balls of pollen everywhere, some stringy brown things, monkey balls, and tree limbs down. I raked the front and back yard, broke up tree limbs and such, swept the front walkway, driveway, and back porch last night and this evening. I’m tired but it’s a good tired. Preparing for hopefully this weekends front left garden clearing, under the pines on the side of front yard, and more poison Ivy fun. Yes there will be videos and stills. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ The rake, trimmer, and saw have been washed down with alcohol but the rake handle needs to be wiped down again. My gloves need to be washed. I probably need to go get some more alcohol because the front tree has tendrils of it that keep growing into the yard that I pulled out today. My pansies and one of my petunias seem very happy though. I checked in them all weekend as I was worried they would get damaged or drown from all the rain.

Got up early yesterday and worked on some grant submissions as the 06/05 R01 deadline is quickly approaching. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks with work stuff.

Dads birthday is coming up at the end of May. Yay!!! 🎂🎉🎈❤️

Had to tell my Mom I would not be doing a “family” trip next summer with my siblings and nephews. Bean didn’t seem all that interested either. I am unable to pay into a cabin rental for a week and even if I was I wouldn’t go. I’m totally fine just hanging out with my folks, their cats, and watching a movie. My siblings think 45 minutes is too far to drive to spend with my folks for no reason but want to plan an elaborate camping trip in SD, or Idaho. Can someone help me understand? 😒

Things have been calm, thankfully. I’ve got plenty of food, the bills are mostly paid. My jaw doesn’t hurt near as much and I’m down to just a few spots of poison Ivy popping up and clearing up. Yay!!!!! I may still be slathering Benadryl cream on my neck/sternum area and taking ibuprofen. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Apparently while I was sleeping Kronos decided he was going to play. Yesterday he almost caught a skink from under the front door (poor little skink looked a little shook up and dazed), he caught a mouse before I went to bed that I released outside (poor little mouse also looked a bit dazed and maybe was limping), and I woke this morning to his mouse kill. I disposed of the mouse outside, gave Kronos some treats, and he’s been asleep most of the day. 🙀😼😺

Send love, leave a comment, send some coffee, some good gardening thoughts, some no more poison Ivy thoughts. I am loved. 🧘‍♀️

Love and light to you all!!! 🩰☕️❤️